(Auto) Malana Bomb Feminized

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Auto-flowering Malana hash plant inherits its exotic flavours from Malana Valley - North India. Big yielder of fat colas brimming with the rich aromas and tastes of the Malana charas.
The plant grows medium short and is easy to care for.
Great for isolating thc for making hash.
Incense smell and great taste, easy to handle and not to strong.
Inexperienced growers love this plant.
Low in THC but very high in CBD.

Harvest Time : Auto Flowering
Genetics : Malana Hash Plant X Auto
Orientation : ♀
CBD : High
THC : 12 - 15%
Flower Time : 65 - 72 days
Type : Auto flowering Indica
Yield : Outdoor - 60/100 gr per plant
Height : 50 - 60 cm

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