Kera Seeds history

KERA SEEDS is a dynamic company with extensive experience in the cannabis industry. Both owners have worked at High Life magazine and Soft Secrets for years. They know the industry and know what is for sale. Buying the right quality of seeds is a complicated and difficult process. What variety should I buy? Is it the right quality? And do I not pay too much?

Attention to quality

Our manufacturers produce all seeds organically. The seeds undergo a rigorous quality control before they are sold. The seeds are manually selected by size and weight. It is also checked that the seeds do not show any cracks and/or fissures. All our seeds are kept at a fixed temperature, so that we can always be sure of a consistent quality. The seeds you ordered will be shipped in a specially designed package. The unique hard box ensures that the seeds will be sent dark and cool. Also, the hard box gives a perfect protection against damage during the transport. Quality guaranteed..

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