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  • Early California feminized is taken to be one of the easy to grow strains. This mostly sativa hybrid at around 90% is also ideal for beginners as it is not too potent for them to start. It is also pest and mold resistant.
  • It delivers a medium yield which typically has a strong taste and smell. The buds typically grow in the main stem and they usually start budding a lot earlier than other strains. While it can be grown whether indoors, outdoors or at a greenhouse, it is a great choice for people who prefer growing weeds by their balconies. It can withstand humidity and at the same time thrives well on outdoor climates.
  • Because of the Indica dominant nature, it is recognized to be more consistent and more resilient. It is popular even in the early eighties due to its properties as well as producing unbelievably high produce of good quality chunkier buds rich with trichomes loaded with high amounts of THC, its main and active ingredient.
  • It is easy enough for beginners as long as they ensure that the plant is getting ample supply of water and direct sunlight, as well as regular amounts of additional nutrients to grow healthily. In fact, even those who plan to only use it for personal reasons can grow this strain very easily, even though they do not have a lot of space to work with.
  • Early California Feminized would flower from 50 days or up. The height would typically go for 150 to 180 cm or 2 feet when grown outdoors. Although the yield is between 500g to 700g per square meters, extra care in maintaining the plant would help a lot to produce really high yields.
  • Its effects include making one feel giggly and cheerful. It has a high THC with a strong and high stone effect. It can also be used for people who needs to manage pain or if they have any concerns resulting to stress, anxiety, loss of appetite and also insomnia.

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