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The mango haze is a sativa dominant strain and has many characteristics of a sativa. This strain is a sister of the Super Silver Haze, because both types of strains are the same Haze father. The origin of this mango haze is: Northern light 25%, 25% skunk and 50% haze. The mango haze is mold resistant and therefore suitable for outdoor growers.

This haze has a very good resin production and delivers a high quality product so the haze is very popular.
The taste and odor of this strain is like a ripe mango. All ancestors of the mango haze are Cannabis Cup winners.

Name: Mango Haze
Type: Sativa (80% Sativa - 20% Indica)
Flowering time: 12 weeks
Awards: Numerous cups
Genetics: Northern Lights x Skunk and 50% Haze
Yield: 700 Gr./Sqm
Effect: stimulating, uplifting, and energizing effect as well as enhancing creativity
THC: unknown
Seeds: 5 feminized seeds

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