Royal Queen Seeds is amongst the fastest growing cannabis seed companies in Europe. After building up many years of experience in growing cannabis seeds in the Netherlands, we decided to launch our own line of cannabis seeds and are now able to offer you quality feminized, autoflowering and medical seeds at a good price. 

Cannabis, Marijuana, Weed, Skunk, Bud, Chronic, Ganja – whatever you call it, we have a great selection of feminised, autoflowering and medical seeds for you to choose from. These days there are many different strains of cannabis seed and such a wide range of seed companies to choose from, choosing your cannabis seeds can be daunting. Here at Royal Queen Seeds we pride ourselves in offering a good selection of high quality cannabis seeds at fair prices. 

Whether you are looking for an Indica, a Sativa or an autoflowering strain (containing Ruderalis genetics), we are satisfied we have something for every cannabis lover’s taste. All of our seeds are feminised, meaning you’ll have no male plants to identify and remove - so you can concentrate on raising the bud producing female plants. 

Our wide selection includes many Highlife Cup and the High Times Cannabis Cup award winners. Among them, classic strains like White Widow, Shining Silver Haze, Northern Light and Amnesia Haze. We also offer world famous strains such as OG Kush, Critical and Skunk #1.

In addition, we have a wide selection of autoflowering varieties, most taking only 8-10 weeks to grow from seed to harvest. Growing them could not be easier. With these seeds, even the first time grower can achieve a good result and produce the finest quality marijuana. 

All of our seeds are grown organically, selected by hand and regularly tested to check the quality and germination rates. We also pack them in strong packets to protect them from the environment, ensuring that when you get your hands on them, they are in the best condition they can be.

If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us, visit our website at and smartshop Zamnesia or visit our shops in Amsterdam. We are always happy to help.

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Amnesia Haze

After the haze genetics came to Holland and several hybrids were made, an American expat would later.....

Blue Cheese Regular

Blue Cheese Regular It took our finest Blueberry strains to equal the awesome flavour of the Chee.....

Blue Mystic Feminized

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Bubble Kush

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Bubblegum XL

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Critical There are always lots of requirements to fill when deciding which strain to grow: streng.....

Dance World

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Euphoria is a superior blend of selective heredity between the popular cannabis strains of Royal Med.....

Fruit Spirit

Fruit Spirit is the current result of the never-ending quest for new flavours that send your taste b.....

Haze Berry

  Haze Berry is much loved in California and many other medical marijuana states. It comes f.....


What happens when you cross a pure Afghan with a Northern Lights and a Skunk? You get an Indica Crys.....

Kali Dog

  Kali Dog is a fine example of the strong genetics coming from growers in the USA. Though a.....

Medical Mass

The result of this hybridisation is an enjoyable, low THC strain with good indoor and outdoor yields.....

Northern Light

When it comes to strains that have laid down their mark on the cannabis plant genetics that are arou.....

Northern Light Automatic

Northern Light is one of the best-known strains of cannabis in the world. It’s a mostly Indica strai.....