Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, because it's impossible for us to check every law in the world, we will ship our product worldwide. Check out your local laws about receiving genetics in your country. If you live in a country where it is not allowed to receive genetics you must be aware of the risk of interception by local authorities!

Are your package discrete?

Yes, all our items are shipped in discrete package with a sender name witch is not drugs related and they will be shipped from different locations in Holland

How long will it take before i will receive my order.

Your order will shipped on the day that we receive the payment. When your order is shipped, it will take 9 till 21 office day's to arrive in the region you live.

How long can I store the seeds before I have to germ them.

If you store them cool, dry, dark and if possible sealed you can store them between 1-3 years.